You crave more fun, freedom, money, ease and flow... 

Worrying about money is exhausting, scary and miserable.
It doesn't have to be that way.


You have everything you NEED, but you want more, and you don't want to feel guilty about this!  You are fed up of feast and famine months. You are fed up of having to say no - to yourself, and your loved ones. 


You are tired of having to shop at the budget shops, when what you really want is ethical luxury. You are tired of making choices because of money, and not because it's what you really want. You're sick of looking at others and wondering 'how the hell did she do that' and, more importantly, why haven't I?! You know life is ticking away and you are sick of playing small.


What you believe and feel impacts on your thoughts, which impacts on your actions, which leads to your results.  You have to change your feelings and beliefs - about yourself and about money before you can see the results you so desperately desire.


Your subconscious mind likes homeostasis and it likes to keep you safe and make life easier for you.  It THINKS that holding onto your own beliefs and programming is keeping you safe (because it has so far), but, in fact, it's keeping you stuck.


Before the age of 7 our minds are wide open for suggestion, we are like a new computers being programmed with the messages from those around us.  If those messages don't support your current goals in life, you are going to struggle to achieve them.  


I help women who are ready to let go of all the false beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are keeping them stuck. You are ready to up-level your life, without burn-out or guilt. I am here to help you clear your energy, feelings and thoughts to transform you into a magnet for all your hearts desires.

I use powerful hypnosis sessions to unlock your poor subconscious beliefs and create new, manifestation queen neural pathways. You will experience sacred mantra and ancient practices to put you on a higher vibe frequency so you can tune in and co-create with the universe with flow and ease. And, that's not all - I also teach emotional freedom technique, - a super quick, painless way to clear out trauma and increase the flow of life force energy so you shift into who you want to be - fast. All wrapped up with group mentoring sessions for community and support to help you overcome the  bumps in the road that you may encounter on your journey.

I know you think you've tried ALL the things.  

You've done affirmations, a vision board, journalling, side-hustling, audio books and more.... and you've probably been doing it for longer than you care to remember!    

But here's the thing -
it's not that you're doing anything wrong, or that you're rubbish at making money, unlucky, or whatever else you may be telling yourself - it's your beliefs and feelings around money and success that are keeping you stuck.  

Your beliefs and feelings are the veil through which you view life.
Unfortunately, your beliefs and feelings are largely subconscious and so often not on your conscious radar.  
This makes them tricky to change by only using your conscious mind.

Your subconscious mind likes homeostasis and it likes to keep you safe and make life easier for you.  

It THINKS that holding onto your own beliefs and programming is keeping you safe (because it has so far), but, in fact, it's now keeping you stuck and hurting you. Your beliefs, feelings and who you 'identify' as, are so SO SO SO SO powerful! If you think of yourself as someone who is terrible with money, then your beliefs and feelings will lead to actions that prove this. It's a vicious cycle and until you change your deeply held subconscious beliefs and shift all the stuck energy trapped from this belief, you will remain on this merry go round.  

Radically change your beliefs around money by clearing out and re-wiring your mind and energy system - and you will change your financial position. A better financial position means a better life for you, your loved ones and a great opportunity to do good in the world - and isn't that what life is all about?  Before the age of 7 our minds are wide open for suggestion, we are like a new computer being programmed with the messages from those around us.  

If those messages don't support your current goals in life, you are going to struggle to achieve them.  Until you clear and re-programme them that is!   Despite what you might have heard, you do not have to:   - work harder and harder. pushing yourself to burn-out to earn big  - have it all 'figured out' to live a life of abundance  - be skint because you're a single mum  - feel guilty about treating yourself  - be thin to be rich  - take yet another certificate or qualification to be good enough, or  - be perfect to be wealthy.  

You just need to change your worth and wealth beliefs!
It is only when you truly shift your thoughts, feelings and energy, that you make way for what you desire to come rolling in.
When you work with me, you will experience deeply transformative soul-level, cellular-changing, subconscious re-wiring for true abundant success.


I know you want more: more fun, more freedom, more money, more ease and more flow!

I know you want that handbag, the luxury spa trip and I know you want that flash car too. I also know you want to say yes to dance lessons, horse-riding and trips they'll remember forever. And I definitely know you want that pension fund sorted - the thought of being skint in old age - no thank you! I know  you want all of this, and more, and you want it with ease and fun and joy.  

The good news is, the old linear, forcing ways of being are gone. It is time to align, flow and co-create. To have fun, to relax, to nurture ourselves.  When we enjoy and relish in the juicy process of making, growing and using money to create the life we desire for ourselves and our loved ones, life is incredible.

If you desire it, it is in your soul for a reason. 
It is for you and you have the power to create it.  
It is time.
 It is done.

I know what it's like to be fearful about money, to feel powerless and scared and like you'll never have enough.

I grew up in a family with a TERRIBLE money mindset - poverty, scrimping, saving and all the money blocks you can think of.  
Money was for paying bills to other people, and definitely not for fun!  It pains me to think of all the experiences I missed out on just because of this BS belief.  

Shortly after my divorce I discovered I was pregnant again, the next day I was made redundant. I had only just taken on a new mortgage and had yet to furnish our new home. I sat there, in my empty house, scared, alone and feeling like a total failure towards my babies.  I know what's its like to feel the anxiety of an empty bank balance, lying awake stressing about bills, having to say 'no' to things you so desperately want to say 'yes' to.  

When we are worried about money we can't be creative or joyful, the worry consumes every moment and steals our joy and impacts our
relationships with our loved ones.  Money issues are one of the biggest causes of relationship breakdowns, isn't that sad?

That love can break down because of a poor relationship with money. I think it's tragic.  

So, sitting in my empty house, pregnant and with a 2 year old in tow I made a decision there and then to unlearn everything I had been taught about me,
my value and money. I wanted different for me and my children - and I was going to get it.    

Over time, I healed my self-worth issues (which were on the floor after an abusive father and traumatic divorce), I connected to the Universe,
cleared my energy and re-wired my mind. I figured it out all on my own, while everyone around me looked at me as if I was crazy.  

It is SO important to learn from people who have been there, and I have been there with money and self-worth - which are, in my opinion, intrinsically linked!
When we change our feelings and beliefs around ourselves and money, the transformation is FAST.  

I cannot wait to teach and show you all that I have learnt over my journey to abundance and freedom.

I understand because I have been there.  

Worrying about money is exhausting, scary and miserable.  
You weren't brought into this Universe to feel this way.

The very essence of our existence is love, light and joy and this IS available for you too.  

Are you ready to let go of the old way of being?
Are you ready to step into consistent high-paying months?
Ready to welcome in all that you desire? Is that a yes I hear!?!
Of course it is...  



Create all the money and abundance you desire by transforming your thoughts, feelings and energy supported by this community of abundant manifestation queens.

Money Magik is a money manifestation membership where you will learn to eradicate your old beliefs and replace them with magnetic new ones. The transformation is quick and powerful!  You will know, feel and believe your worth, and the wealth will follow as you feel safe and powerful with money.  You will feel good expecting more, asking for more, raising your prices, saving,  investing and spending
 - all with without guilt or fear! 


I'm all about helping you create what you desire - so let's connect & determine what's right for you.